i-lighting™ - LED Lighting Simplified

Easy Plug™ Installation System

Currently, LED outdoor lighting is expensive and difficult to install. With i-lighting's patented Easy Plug™ Installation System and low voltage DC power supplies; both contractors and consumers can now affordably access and utilize LED outdoor lighting thus allowing the full attributes of LED technology.

The value is very clear in:
1. Monthly savings in energy cost on electric bills (estimated to be at 80%).
2. The fact that they will not have to replace light bulbs and spend these additional dollars.
3. The LED bulbs are not hot and will not cause burns.  Insects are not attracted to LED lighting.

Easy Plug™ Landscape Lighting System

i-lighting™, the leading manufacturer of easy-to-install, reliable and cost-effective interior and exterior lighting applications, has introduced a new Landscape Lighting System that utilizes a "Lighting Simplified" plug A into B wiring design enabling simple installations at any outdoor location.

Stair Light Installation Video

i-lighting's LED lighting system is as easy as plugging A into B.